Dental Extractions

At South Jersey Dental Implants & Periodontics , we LOVE natural teeth.

Nothing would make Dr. Shah and the team happier than for our patients to keep their natural teeth their entire lives. However, in some circumstances, there is no other sensible treatment than a dental extraction. Tooth extraction is most commonly performed due to irreversible damage to the tooth or supporting bone, either by decay, periodontal disease, or trauma causing a break or fracture.


An x-ray or 3D CBCT image will usually be taken before the procedure to determine the best way to remove the tooth. Anesthesia is used before the procedure, either local anesthesia or a sedation methods to allow the person to essentially sleep through the procedure. You can expect to feel gentle pushing and pressure, but nothing sharp or painful. Dr. Shah will continuously check throughout the procedure to make sure you are comfortable.


After a dental extraction, Dr. Shah may prescribe antibiotics, analgesic medication, and a special mouth rinse to help during the healing process. Post-operative care instructions will be reviewed both verbally and given to you in writing. Following the post-operative care instructions is critical for success and for a positive experience. Slight soreness and swelling in the treated are common symptoms that will decrease during healing. A post-operative visit will be needed to check the healing of the area.

Patient Review

"Had a tooth pulled due to infection and bone loss. I'm a little wimpy but Dr Shah numbed me up perfectly. I only felt the pressure of them trying to get my tough tooth out. Dr Shah is friendly & personable. Not a bad experience for having a tooth out!"

Denise R. 4/27/16

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