Growth Factors

Emdogain (Enamel Matrix Derivative)

Emdogain contains a group of proteins (amelogenins) that aids in the regrowth/regeneration of lost bone and gum around a tooth. Emdogain will promote growth of bone around teeth leading to a drastic reduction in periodontal pockets. When used for gum regrowth, Emdogain leads to new, protective gum formation without using a gum graft from the roof of the patient’s mouth. Emdogain also results in faster healing, less pain, and the use of minimally invasive procedures that increase patient comfort and outcomes. Dr. Shah will discuss how this growth factor can help in maintaining your nature teeth for years to come!

Emdogain Before

Emdogain After

GEM 21s (Platelet Derived Growth Factor - PDGF)

GEM 21s is a powerful, synthetic growth factor that promotes regrowth/regeneration of loss bone around a tooth. When used, it makes bone growth cells travel to the area of bone loss and jumpstarts hard tissue regeneration. Use of this growth factor will result in predictable gains in even the most challenging cases. Be sure to ask Dr. Shah if GEM 21s is right to help treat your periodontal disease.

PDGF Before

PDGF After

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